Mission and Motivation why we want to do it

Currently Critical Infrastructure (CI) solution providers go fast to market without security and security retrofitting of devices in the field is difficult. Moreover security on CIs does not scale with the number of devices. According to studies, IoT CIs will be a US$ 2-6 trillion market in 2025 with 50 billion devices, 150 billion chips, trillions of lines of code & connections *. Therefore, overlooking security exposes infrastructures and citizens to high risk.

The main cryptographic functions used in security systems are identification, authentications and encryption. These primitives depend on a secret key. The state-of-the-art for security from an anchor of trust in hardware is the secure element (SE), which enables cryptographic key storage. This comes at a significant cost, requires resources, and makes impossible its integration on low-end devices such as sensors.

PUFs have become generally accepted security primitives for secure key storage. PUFs are much less costly and more lightweight than SE, while providing a similar level of security. To meet the security network specifications of CIs, we will adapt PUF technology on highly deployed networks such as CIs and we will support Public Key Infrastructure. Furthermore, by having access to key management, we will monitor events and data related to IoT devices activity.

* Mckinsey global institute analysis. https://www.mckinsey.com.