About what we want to do

RESCURE retrofits security in large scale IoT Critical Infrastructures (CIs). Therefore, within RESCURE, we aim to deliver a low-cost IoT security solution based on a patented SRAM-PUF technology, which provides secure storage and root-of-trust. On top, we will deliver security protocols that scale on Critical Infrastructures.

RESCURE’s objectives in detail:
  • • RESCURE will ensure that lower cost individual chips are not vulnerable to attacks and as a result, makes IoT devices and communications between them secure.
  • • End-to-end security infrastructures and advanced key management schemes that scale on high deployed CI.
  • • Supporting security of IoT use cases and demonstrate them.

RESCURE (REtrofit Security for Critical infrastructUREs) is a follow-up of the successful EUROSTARS project PATRIOT (E!9629, 2015-2017, https://patriot-project.technikon.com). PATRIOT supported Intrinsic ID’s and TEC’s strategic move towards the IoT market with respect to strong authentication scheme and secure key storage. Thanks to the work in PATRIOT, Intrinsic ID has closed deals with major semiconductor companies. While PATRIOT aimed to develop secure two-factor authentication protocol focused on small scale IoT deployment, RESCURE targets the security retrofit of the protocols and system itself as well as the resistance to physical attacks.

RESCURE security is based on Intrinsic ID’s patented technology SRAM-Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs). It provides a high level of security, while costs are low. PUFs are electronic components that derive device-unique properties (electronic fingerprints) from chips. Variations during manufacturing lead to unique characteristics. Since the variations are uncontrollable, these characteristics are unclonable. By integrating PUFs into IoT devices, RESCURE turns these devices into unclonable and tamper proof. PUF based hardware security competes existing secure element (SE1) solutions with respect to cost and resources. Then each lower cost sensor can be transformed into a secure device.

RESCURE will bring security to IoT platforms by software and brings along the following value propositions:

  • • Lower cost secure storage
  • • Tamper-proof hardware
  • • Unclonable ID and secure device authentication
  • • End-to-end security